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Information on Selected Volunteer Opportunity

Heritage Ambassador - Britannia Shipyards - Orientation / Information Session 
Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site


Come find out what it's like to volunteer as a Heritage Ambassador! Share the stories of Steveston's past through fun engaging activities and demostrations!

Additional info: Volunteers will be in costume (provided), Police Information Checks required and training provided as well.


Minimum age: 16


Dates: 02/24/2022 -

Frequency: up to 6 months

Sunday: Mornings (6am to 12pm), Sunday: Afternoons (12 to 5pm), Tuesday: Mornings (6am to 12pm), Wednesday: Mornings (6am to 12pm), Wednesday: Afternoons (12pm to 5pm), Thursday: Mornings (6am to 12pm), Thursday: Afternoons (12pm to 5pm), Friday: Mornings (6am to 12pm), Friday: Afternoons (12pm to 5pm), Saturday: Mornings (6am to 12pm), Saturday: Afternoons (12pm to 5pm), Seasonal: Summer, Seasonal: Spring, Seasonal: Fall
5180 Westwater Drive
Richmond BC, V7E 6P3

Contact Info
Lucy Higgs-Lockie